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    So i thought i would try juice plus but straight after buying the product i read a lot of negative reviews about it so thought il cancel the order litrully 10 minutes after placing it.

    well that was a nightmare in its self!

    spoke to my rep who said she couldn’t cancel the order for me i had to ring up!

    Rang up, 45 minutes on hold!! just to cancel an order!

    spoke to someone – order was cancelled…..

    1 week later, refund still not in my bank

    rang up again – 50 minutes on hold, they tell me they cant process a refund until monday(it was Wednesday)

    so waited till Tuesday…still no refund

    rang up again, 30 minutes on hold, she said oh yes il processed your refund now!

    2 days later, appeared back in my bank.

    never known so much faff just to cancel an order!

    Customer service was TERRIBLE

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