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  1. Hi,
    I came across this blog doing thorough research whilst deciding whether to enter into the business or not.
    I am not swayed by your argument. Nobody says you have to stick to one area. The people I know in the business have team members all over the world…that they happened to have on Facebook or know through meeting them on holidays etc etc. You are not limited because you are one the team member branches off of Bob 4 legs down, you know people that Bob doesn’t, you’ve had experiences that his 10 recruits doesn’t, you will have been places that they have not and met people they have not from your area and from outside of your area. This is not limited to one area, it is a virtual franchise and operating in 20+ countries. If we’re gonna run out of people, it’s gonna be way way way in the future.

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      Hey julie thanks for your comments

      WHilst i see where you are coming from, you must take our Pyramid level on more levels.

      So lets say you enter this franchise and you are 4 legs down.

      Chances are that means there is 100 people in your area , do you not agree that being at leg 4 makes it harder?

      Fair enough you meet people on holiday but do you think whilst on holiday there focus is to start a diet?? and bob doesnt know every you know i agree but the 100 people below bob may know the same people you do.

      How many people in your area sell JP already?

  2. Whilst I am not yet a distributor I am seriously considering it, I tried the weight loss shakes and was really strict with myself and lost a massive 16lbs in one month and an inch off several parts of my body. I am also taking the capsules and do feel much better for it, my skin in particular is amazing. I have tried other diets in the past including weight watchers and Rosemary Conley with no weight loss whatsoever and so am a firm believer in the shakes. I stopped taking the capsules when I went on holiday for 10 days and by the time I got home I couldn’t wait to start taking them again as I felt noticeably much more sluggish and generally blah (not a scientific term I know). There are people out there who love this product, there are others who are quick to criticise. I would never put my name to anything I was not impressed with and I am impressed with Juice Plus products.

  3. I to have been taking the capsules and drinking a shake most every morning for 6 months now. I have lost 45 pounds and feel great. I am considering joining just because I want to be able to order my own products and because I believe in them. If I can recommend something that works for me I really don’t care if I ever make a ton of money off it. Life isn’t always about the money, its about your health and feeling good!

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    After 16 years as a distributor I have just severed my relationship after a distributor I signed up was “stolen” from me and put under my upline’s son. No phone call or discussion with me about it. How disgusting and unprofessional. I am done!

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    After being a distributor for 16 years, I have severed my relationship after having a distributor that I signed up “stolen” and put under the son of my upline. This was without any phone call or discussion with me! No integrity! I am done with Juice Plus!

  6. The comment below is incorrect – capsules you get 120 capsules per pot and you receive 2 pots of each
    At 2 a day that’s enough for 16 weeks
    Shakes you receive enough powder for 16 weeks again – if you follow the shake plan you do 2 months on 2 shakes a day then decrease to 1 shake a day and after the 4 months you should be on 3 clean meals and 2 clean snacks a day…

    What this doesn’t explain is that in reality, if you’re following the diet based on their recommended intake, this will only actually last a customer 6 weeks, making Juice Plus pretty expensive!

  7. Hi folks, as a former Marketing-Director of the JuicePlus-Company I recommend you to read the review and facts in following website:

    That’s my favorit. It’s a really good investigated review and it reveals how JuicePlus-products, which are made from SAWDUST and HAY-snippets mixed with 4 VITAMINS and added traces of fruits and vegetables can damage your health! And in my opinion it surely will.

    The observed effects are due to the 4 vitamins (which you could buy with much more vitamins in any other, cheaper product) or due to placeboeffect.
    The effects of weightloss are in result of starving and drying cells, which enlarges the risk of heart- or brainstrokes as well as cancer.
    All these correlations are very well described in the websites of JUICEPLUS-DOCTORS-CRITICS (especially in the german partition). So I would recommend to go to: this side before eating these products and before joining this business

    And the business? That’s a big fraud! So, if you like to
    work for making other people rich (like me during my time in this company), than join them. If not, beware of them.
    After my time and driven by those facts as written in the above called websites I realised this scam and fraud.
    Now I am so happy to have revealed this scam and wish that other people will be spared this experience.
    And finally one thing: believe me, if you are involved and braunwashed in this system, you can not realize these facts and truths!!! –– But it is never too late to recognise and apologize for such mistakes, isn’t it?

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