MLM scheme explained 




So lets say your friend Bob starts selling Juice Plus… he recruits 10 people to sell it for him, all in his area.

Bob is at the top…

…whilst Bob’s 10 sellers sit underneath him.

Anytime Bob’s friends make a sale, Bob gets 10% commision… and they get also get 10%… sounds good so far, doesn’t it?

Now Bob’s 10 friends also recruit 10 people each, Bob now has 110 people who sit underneath him… great news for Bob, he has 110 people underneath him now.
Every time any of them sell something, Bob gets 10%. If the 100 people at the bottom sell £1000 each….. then Bob’s team has sold £100,000 of products, Bob will get £10,000 commision… which is fantastic for news for Bob!

And the 10 people underneath bob will get £1,000 commission! not bad for Bob’s first 10 friends either….

But the 100 at the bottom who have sold £1000 of products only get £100.00 each…..

So you can make a fortune of selling Juice plus?

If you are Bob, then of course you can! but the 110 people below him are not making as much as Bob, this is the problem and why multi level marketing schemes like Juice Plus are described as a “Juice Plus scam” or pyramid scheme.

If no one is selling Juice plus in you area, then you can too be Bob! but if your social media platform is flooded with people then you are only becoming one of Bobs 110 people and the problem is that if you have 110 people selling Juice plus in your area all over your social media and facebook… then can you imagine how hard it is to sell.

Imagine setting up a hot dog stall outside the super bowl….next to 100 other people, how are you going to compete with all them….

But if you are Bob, and you are the only one selling Hot dogs… then you can make a fortune and this is the secret to the success of making a good living out of selling Juice Plus, unless you are the first to do it, or one of Bobs first recruits (his first 10) then it becomes very difficult to make a living off it and you may feel like it’s a scam.

By the time you have got to this part of the page… have you noticed focus on the actual Juice Plus product has disappeared?

This is the main reason why its debatable if juice plus actually works, theocus is not on the product….. but selling it and this is an important factor to remember.

I keep seeing people posting before or after pictures of people though, losing weight?

This is the big debate and why we opened up Juice Plus…. we want your feedback to whether the product actually works. You have to remember though why do they want you to buy the product? Remember how much they make from it.

I keep seeing people saying they are making loads of money selling it?

All we will say to this is if you want 10 people to join your team, what would you tell them?

But my friend is really making loads of money from it?

The answer is simple, because she is Bob or one of Bob’s first 10…. out of every 110 people that sell juice plus, only 10 make an okay income from it, and one makes a good living from it.

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