So after reading this website if you still want to sell Juice Plus and join the franchise, or are curious to know why your friend on Facebook selling it has suddenly started acting out of character, here’s a bit of a scoop on the guides they give out to sellers, and some insight as to why most people tend not to succeed at making money from Juice Plus and end up feeling like it’s a scam.

The most important facts are at the bottom… the Juice Plus franchise selling guide, and you will soon understand why those involved with the franchise publish the posts they do on the social media networks.

Rather than ask a seller to give you it, we have discussed it all here so that you are not hassled by them to set up a franchise. Remember -this is not us trying to sell it to you. We are just explaining what they give out to their members.

To help you out a bit…. we have listed 4 of the best books we believe we will help you

Confusing Price Structure

One thing that’s apparent from reading the marketing literature is that the price structure and it’s presentation is quite confusing. You have for example, what Juice Plus describe as the “best product”, 3 tubs of the ‘premium capsules’, priced at “£200 in full or £57 per month for a 4 month supply (£1.50 per day)”.

What this doesn’t explain is that in reality, if you’re following the diet based on their recommended intake, this will only actually last a customer 6 weeks, making Juice Plus pretty expensive!

Selling To Personal Networks

Most people starting in a multilevel marketing scheme like Juice Plus have never actually run a business before. For most people, starting a business can be scary. Knowing that most people won’t want to go too far out of their comfort zone, to encourage people to start selling, in their marketing literature Juice Plus actively recommend selling to “friends, family,  neighbours, people you go to school with, or work with“.

That would be great but… that’s it. That’s all they actually recommend, and it’s the extent to the support they give you in terms of showing you where to actually drum up sales.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that most people don’t have 10,000 friends, so generating a sales volume of £120,000 is going to be pretty unrealistic if you’re only going to market to people in your own friend, family, colleague etc. networks.

Selling within those networks is fine, but many people lack the ability to do anything outside of that, and are not going to get any support from Juice Plus in doing so. If you actually want to make real money from a multi level marketing scheme, you’re going to have to think outside the box and start reaching out to strangers.

It Strokes Their Ego

A lot of people love the idea of being in business, but don’t actually know a thing about business nor have the inclination to learn for themselves how to run one. This fact isn’t lost on Juice Plus, and there’s some rather funny phrases in their seller guides that reflect this.

To start with, they describe how you’re given access to an “online office” which you can access anywhere in the world on any mobile computing device. That’s great, but what you’re basically looking at there is a simple account login. Millions of websites around the world have this. It’s nothing special, it’s not an “online office” and if you want an office, go to Staples and just buy a desk, some stationery and some box files. You certainly won’t turn into Mr.Hotshot Jetsetter running accounts from Toyko in his three piece suit by having an “online office”.


Ah, Facebook. The best place to waste your day, and get some money made whilst you’re there. Or is it?

A huge chunk of the Juice Plus selling guide contains tips on how to sell on Facebook. As we discussed before, this is bad for sellers, because Juice Plus are only teaching you how to sell to a finite resource. Once you’ve annoyed your friends and alienated your acquaintances, you still don’t have the tools to sell to strangers.

Juice Plus actively recommend doing the following:

  • Posting status updates saying how ‘fresh’ and ‘energetic’ you feel, and how you wish you’d have been introduced to Juice Plus years ago.For some people this might be true, but if it’s not, telling lies to your friends in order to sell them products is a little unethical, don’t you think?
  • Tagging people, claiming this has the potential to be seen by thousands.It does, but it also really annoys people!
  • Share your lifestyle to attract people, saying how money made from Juice Plus has enabled them to do (insert life achievement here, eg. holiday, house deposit).If you’ve actually made that much money from Juice Plus, the chances are you won’t have to share it on Facebook because people will already know. Furthermore, your friends aren’t stupid, and know that in 6 weeks you won’t have made enough money to put a downpayment on a house, because they didn’t buy your capsule offer and neither did Janine or Steven in the office.Bragging is a negative personal quality, and most people realise that those who succeed don’t need to brag. 
  • Check into Facebook when attending Juice Plus events like conferences, to show them you’re “living the life people want to live”
    I don’t know about you, but the life I want to live certainly doesn’t involve attending conferences? What it also doesn’t mention, is that this company still charges their own staff to attend the conference! 
  • Make your sellers feel they too can achieve becoming successful and rich

While this is great to begin with and gets them interested its just not sustainable… lets look at it like this… you order a take                 away from take away a… he says it will be with you in 5… it arrives in 25 minutes… you order from take away b… he says                 it will be with you in 35 and it arrives in 25. Which take away would you use next time? managing peoples expectations is                 a key success in any business and whilst lying or exaggerating can start you off, it simply wont last this is why we think                       this is a stupid move.


Its important to read the points we list because we are highlighting how a seller sounds of social media and you need to establish a balance.

Also remember their guide is just a guide, do not follow it down to the bone because everyone else will be doing the same. business dont success because they are all alike they succeed because they offer what other businesses dont.